You did the first step to join to AIESEC! Now please answer to some questions!

Our first question is what's your first name? *

Hey {{answer_39134593}}, nice to meet you.
What's your last name? *

Thank you for giving your contact, can you provide us your phone number as well? *

With your phone number we can reach you easier and faster with an appointment or if there is any important information what we want to tell you.
So {{answer_39134593}} why do you want to join AIESEC? *

How did you hear about AIESEC? *

In which function are you interested to join? *

In AIESEC we are working in different function, which means that at the beginning every new member will be allocated in one of the functions. With this question we just assess what is your expectation toward this.

Thank you for your answer {{answer_39134593}}, can you please tell us in which university or school do you study? *

So you study here {{answer_39135011}} in which year are you currently? *

So {{answer_39134593}}, can you tell us which city are you in? *

What is you level of English, {{answer_39134593}}? *

Are you staying in France the year 2017/18? *

Would you be available to attend our national conference "RELOAD" from the 16th of February till the 19th of February? *

This conference plays a big role to get all of the knowledge and support to be an well-prepared member of AIESEC
Would you be interested to go on an international exchange? *

From which of the Sustainable Development goals, launched by the UN for 2030, do you feel the closest? *

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